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About Me

Welcome to my website! 

My name is Effie Tsalampouni and I have been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 2014. 

Here is some information about my education:

  • Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - University of Exeter

  • Level 7 Licentiate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Trinity College London

  • Degree in English Language and Literature - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Qualified Teacher Status 

Teaching experience: 

  • I have extensive experience in teaching international students who aspire to study at British universities as I have worked on Pre-sessional, Foundation, International Year One and Pre-Masters programmes in the UK. On these programs, I taught academic English language and skills.

My teaching experience also involves:

  • Teaching General English

  • Preparing students for English language exams

  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes (e.g. English for business or English for psychology) 

to students of different levels in the UK, Russia and Greece.


Teaching Philosophy

My teaching is based on these principles:

  • Building strong teacher-student relationships based on trust and respect

  • Respect of diverse social backgrounds and personalities

  • Being attentive to each student's needs and adapting teaching methods, materials and tasks accordingly

  • Creating a positive and relaxed atmosphere so that language acquisition can take place successfully

  • Promotion of cooperation and reciprocity among students

  • Using the enthusiasm and passion for teaching as the driving force behind the pursuit of lifelong learning


Study Group
Adult Students
School LIbrary
Business Meeting

General English

Language and skills needed for effective everyday communication

Exam Preparation

Language Cert
University entrance exam


Academic English

Language skills required to study at British universities

English for Specific Purposes

Functional language and communication skills for the workplace



What my students say about me

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Effie as an English teacher. She is very patient and enthusiastic. Her lessons are always interesting. She uses up-to-date materials and skilfully encourages her students to speak. My problem has always been grammar. But due to the fact that Effie pays great attention to this aspect, my accuracy has improved a lot. She is always very carefully and responsibly preparing for lessons. And she is also a very nice person which, in my opinion, is also important.
She is always ready to support her students and give them confidence in their abilities. I especially appreciate this in Effie as a teacher. 

I would like to express my gratitude to Effie for an individualised approach to each student and a fair attitude towards everyone in the class. I would also like to note her competent presentation of the material and the variety of teaching methods she uses. Learning is enjoyable and not a burden.




Ms Effie is a unique teacher. Her lessons are based on the good relationship between the teacher and the student, hard work and respect. Also, she uses a  lot of new and creative teaching methods so that her students learn the language exceptionally well in a short time. I think it is a great idea to have lessons with her.

I am an English student at C2 level and would like to say a few words about Effie. She is a professional educator of a high standard, who sets aims, has knowledge, is active and brings many more benefits to the learning process! Her lessons are varied and rich in materials, which are always adapted based on her student’s weaknesses. Apart from a good teacher, she is also a brilliant person! I recommend her unreservedly for lessons at any level.



Effie is a great teacher! I had started learning English a few times, no fewer than three, but I always stopped 3-4 months later. I did not see any results or the lessons were not interesting enough for me. My last attempt was with Effie. When I see her energy and passion, I cannot allow myself to give up. Now, I have lessons with Effie and see the results of my studies. 

Methodical teaching and professionalism are Effie’s main characteristics as well as the diligence that describes her. I recommend her without reservation for IELTS lessons as she has taught me in a simplistic and comprehensible way how to learn English and pass an exam with a good mark. 



Exceptional teacher with diligence, good organisational skills and able to transmit knowledge efficiently. She adapts the lessons according to each student’s needs and weaknesses while using modern teaching methods. She helped me a lot with the preparation for LRN C2, especially with writing and speaking as I thought there was no way to succeed due to my long break from studying English. She is pleasant and always smiling. I am thankful to her and recommend her unreservedly. 


The best! It has been a few months since we started lessons from scratch and I have seen a big difference. I started doing things in English which in the past I would not believe I could. She focused on my needs that I had as an adult as well as my weaknesses. She has an in-depth knowledge of her domain and she teaches using new educational methods in a simple and understandable way, which makes lessons far more pleasant. I now anticipate the next lesson with enjoyment and curiosity. The only negative I can think of is that I did not find her sooner so not to waste precious time. With her I believe I will achieve my aims and gain a good knowledge of English that I had wanted for so many years.


Brilliant both as a professional and a person! She approaches the students with consistency, good organization and foremost focuses on their needs. Keep up the good work!!

Ms. Tsalampouni has a very good knowledge of the English language both orally and in writing, as well as of the linguistic patterns and grammatical rules of the English language. Her long-term, daily interaction with English and European citizens has probably helped with that. But what gives her a lead in teaching English are the teaching methods she chooses, her lateral thinking as well as her kind perseverance and patience towards her students As an adult student and experienced professional, I would recommend her for both adults and underage students.



Effie is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person who makes you feel comfortable and confident in using English in a very short time. I would say that she is an ideal teacher to help anyone who wishes to get a certificate in a short time.

Effie is amazing in her work! She works in a very well-organised and inventive way and adapts the lesson according to the needs of the student. I had not studied English for a number of years and wanted to gradually recall what I had learned and gain confidence in speaking. Within a short period of time, I started feeling better and I want to continue learning with perseverance until I reach my goal. Also, the good communication we have developed and the warm atmosphere in the lessons play an important role. 



New teaching methods are used by Ms. Tsalampouni; the lessons are very interesting and motivate children. And she shows a sincere interest in each student. We are very pleased. 

Excellent teacher with exceptional knowledge of her science. The lesson has been adapted to my needs since the very beginning. Patient and with inexhaustible creativity, she manages to keep my attention every minute of each lesson. I am very lucky that we started lessons together!



I started having lessons with Effie a few months ago mainly to improve my speaking skills in English, but also to improve my knowledge further. Effie, kind and in a good mood, won me over right from the start. The teaching methods she uses are very interesting and the lessons are very enjoyable. The material she gives me is multi-dimensional and constantly enriched, and combined with her advice it has helped me improve already in a short time. Out of the large number of teachers that one can find online, I feel lucky to have chosen Effie. I recommend her unreservedly.

Ms. Tsalampouni creates a friendly atmosphere in the lesson from the very beginning and is always kind, well-organised and approachable. The part that we focused on is that of IELTS, Academic and Study Skills. The material she provides is complete and understandable, and she guides you through the methodologies you need to improve where you have weaknesses. She is also quite encouraging and supportive of your goals and when addressing your concerns. What I have greatly appreciated is the true interest she shows not only in the lesson but also in my progress as a student.



Amazing English teacher. Trustworthy and what I admire about Ms. Effie is that her main goal is a complete understanding of the lesson; she is always at my disposal for whatever help I might need. I am sure I can succeed with her help!

For the selection of Ms. Tsalampouni as my teacher, I considered her qualifications, past experience and young age as the basic criteria! In the first lessons, this choice was vindicated and her scientific proficiency and professional "freshness", meaning drive for work, were confirmed! Every time, she makes me feel like my success is a personal bet of hers. This, beyond the obvious, shows me the way and keeps me energized in my difficult everyday life. Thank you so much, Effie, for teaching me not to be afraid of English!!



Ms Tsalampouni’s politeness and frankness made a great impression on me even during our first call. I chose her because of her studies, which are exactly what I was looking for. I have started taking English classes again in order to mainly improve my speaking skills and after each lesson, I feel that I am closer to achieving my goal through a learning experience that is pleasant, very interesting and adapted according to my needs. 



How do you hold your teaching sessions?

All lessons are held online via Zoom or Skype. That gives you the opportunity to have a lesson from the comfort of your personal space. 

Do you have a specific teaching qualification?

Yes, I have a number of teaching qualifications. Please refer to the About Me section above for details.

Do you offer group classes?

Yes, groups can be arranged provided students of similar level express interest. Please note that the maximum group size can be three students.

How do you charge for your teaching services?

Payments are made online. Please contact me about the class prices using the submission form below. 



+30 6985907322

+44 7721808098

Thanks for submitting!

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